Monday, April 20, 2015

Travel of bat and jerseys to Mount Everest!

The unfortunate death of Australian cricketer Phil Hughes on the cricket ground must be still fresh in the minds of cricket lovers. 

For days following that unfortunate incidence, when he was hit on the head by a bouncer that lead to his death, we saw outpouring of pain, sorrow and tributes from his family, friends, his cricketing mates and from the entire cricketing fraternity all over the world.

It is very sad and heart breaking for any family to lose a member of the family, especially at a young age. Another family must be going through similar pain and sorrow at the death of their 21 year old son.  Ankhit Keshri, a first class Indian cricketer, died a few days ago from a collision with a team mate on the cricket ground. 

My sincere condolences to the bereaved families of Phil Hughes and Ankhit Keshri at their loss! May God bless them with comfort and peace!

The game of cricket, once called a “gentleman’s game”, has become dangerous since pace bowling and other aggressions were introduced into the game. It has become more cut throat due to the gross commercialization of the game by rich businessmen and corporations.

A recent news item caught my attention. It was reported that Chhurim Sherpa, who was the first woman to climb Mount Everest twice in the same season, has started a third attempt to climb the Mount Everest. It is a very praise worthy and very inspiring news. I wish her God speed and success in her venture!

But what made the news more interesting, or rather very intriguing, is that she is carrying with her a cricket bat and two jerseys that belonged to Australian cricketer Phil Hughes. She will bring back these items with her when she returns from the conquest of Mount Everest. The items would then be placed in Australian Embassy in Kathmandu.

I do not really know what is the significance or sentiment behind this gesture or in what way it is a tribute to Phil Hughes. I do not even understand what is the connection between Chhurim Sherpa and Phil Hughes. She is a Nepali, a mountaineer, no way connected with cricket or with Australia. Nowhere have I seen even a mention of the interest of Phil Hughes in mountaineering, with Nepal, with Mount Everest or with Kathmandu

One thing is for sure. This time Chhurim Sherpa is going to be known not just for the third conquest of Mount Everest, but more for carrying the bat and jerseys of Phil Hughes! For, we all know the power and magic of cricket on people all across the world!

Sometimes it is beyond one’s normal reasoning to understand why certain things are done. Either people get carried away by the euphoria of the situation or there is an unexplained reason or sentiment behind the actions or it is simply done because someone thought that it should be done.

Whatever the reason behind the bat and jerseys travelling up and down Mount Everest, I find the whole business quite intriguing!


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