Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Cup Michael Clarke leke gaya" :(

Celebration time for the Australian cricket team and the Australian people! The Australians play cricket as a well knit team, not as individual cricket stars,  they play with passion, to win! That is why they are so successful most of the time.

Well done Team Australia, you deserved to win, you deserved to lift the world cup!

Yet another disappointing, one sided world cup finals! New Zealand lost the match when the first wicket fell. Ross Taylor put up a fight, but it was just not enough! The defeat must have been very disappointing for the ailing Martin Crowe, the ex-captain of New Zealand! But all is not lost, New Zealand played some good cricket throughout this world cup, especially the semi final thriller with South Africa.

There was a joke on the Internet when India lifted the World Cup in 2011. The joke was that the losing captain was sitting at a tea stall looking morose and drinking tea from a saucer. When someone asked him why he was drinking tea from saucer, he answered “Cup Dhoni leke gaya”!

This time around, the joke is reversed, “Cup Michael Clarke leke gaya” L


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